The University of Auckland Clinics

Our resources and research

Our clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art assessment and therapy tools.

We’re part of the University of Auckland, New Zealand’s top research-led university*. As a leading centre for speech-language therapy, from time to time our clinical supervisors and students carry out valuable research projects and clients may be invited to participate. No client ever participates in any research project without their knowledge or consent.

Some examples of the types of research we are involved in includes:

  • Communication competence and confidence and people with aphasia
  • Eating and swallowing with infants and children
  • Hearing, speech and language in children
  • Interprofessional collaboration and interprofessional education
  • Swallowing and voice with people with neurogenic disorders eg; Parkinson’s disease

See our Research Groups page for more information about our research projects or further educational opportunities with the Speech Science team.

For information about our research and resources please contact us