The University of Auckland Clinics

The University of Auckland Clinics

If you're having trouble with your hearing or sight, want to consult a psychologist or speech language therapist, or simply want access to the latest evidence-based research in exercise and cardiac rehabilitation, have you thought about The University of Auckland Clinics? We offer expert advice at affordable prices through our specialised teaching clinics.

Nutrition and Dietetic Clinic

The Nutrition and Dietetic Clinic aims to deliver a client-centred service with a commitment to helping clients meet their individual nutrition needs and personal goals.

Cardiac and Exercise Rehabilitation Clinics

The Cardiac and Exercise Rehabilitation Clinics specialise in providing safe and effective exercise rehabilitation to those with or at risk of developing cardiovascular and other chronic illness or injury

Hearing and Tinnitus

The Hearing and Tinnitus Clinic offers hearing appointments, tinnitus appointments, assessments for adult cochlear implants and also advice on protecting your hearing.


The Optometry Clinics offer a comprehensive range of optometry services in Glen Innes and Grafton.


The Psychology Clinic provides a safe, effective and professional environment to help people manage a number of issues.

Speech-language Therapy clinic

Learn more about the two Speech-language Therapy clinics, including Listening and Language and the free Speech-language Therapy Clinic.