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What happens at the Speech-language Therapy clinic?

Besides offering a great free service, we are a training centre for speech-language therapy students studying for Master of Speech-language Therapy professional degrees.

You will see Masters students who are gaining the practical experience they need to qualify as speech-language therapists. Often, a clinical supervisor will also be with you in the room.  Otherwise, a clinical supervisor observes the session from an adjoining “viewing room” through a discreet one-way mirror.  The clinical supervisor can come into the consultation room if needed. We record our student-client therapy sessions. That way, the clinical supervisor and the student can review the session afterwards. The recordings are confidential and always stored securely. We will discuss this with you and ask for written permission before recording starts.  Sometimes, we may need to contact other professionals involved in your care, such as teachers or doctors. We will always get your consent first.

Our teaching clinics don’t fit everyone’s needs, such as:

  • People whose needs would be better served by a speech-language therapist supporting them in their home or school environments. We’re unable to visit clients outside our clinics.
  • People who are seriously medically unwell.

Making an appointment

Please contact us for information about making a referral to our clinic.

Given the nature of the teaching clinics, we are unable to see all clients referred. We will always contact the client to advise them of the outcome of their referral.

Depending on your needs and the time of year and due to high demand, please be aware that the wait for a child’s first appointment may be 6 to 12 months. The adult clinics can also become booked up quickly.

How long do appointments take?

A first visit takes about 45-60 minutes. Each follow-up visit takes about 45 minutes. We often ask our clients to commit to seeing us once a week for six to twelve weeks. It takes time and commitment on everyone’s part for clients and students to make progress.


Our clients' satisfaction is important to us and we're always happy to receive feedback.

“I can’t recommend the service highly enough. It’s really helped our girls.”
Mike, father of two daughters

"Thank you for a wonderful year. I was just watching him today and comparing with the beginning of the year. The progress has been amazing and his vocabulary is growing daily. The one-on-one has been absolutely invaluable. Thank you so much for all your work with him."

"I didn't believe you when you told me he would learn to talk. I thought you were just trying to make me feel better. But now that he has started talking, I believe you."


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Our clinics’ services don’t meet everyone’s needs, but there is support available in your community.