The University of Auckland Clinics

Our team

Our team is made up of supervising tutors, academic teachers and customer service colleagues. We enjoy working together to deliver the best service to our students and clients.


The team is well supported by the University of Auckland’s finance, human resource and marketing departments.

The clinics work directly with the departments and faculties to ensure the needs of the students in their programmes are well provided for.

Meet the team

"We have a smile for everyone who comes through the door. It’s a friendly environment. It’s an easy place to find, there’s plenty of parking and price-wise it’s good as well. We make everyone welcome."
Christine, front desk

"It’s an innovative dynamic kind of place, so if you want to be on the cutting edge of what’s happening, this is one of the places to be. Our clinical supervisors are senior speech and language therapists. We are very experienced. You have got more than one brain on the case – the experienced speech and language therapist who works within a research team and the students who are learning, developing and spending time thinking about their one client."
Lucy, Clinical Supervisor, Speech Language Therapy