The University of Auckland Clinics

The Fluency Network: Learn how to manage fluency of speech when living with a stutter

The Fluency Network, at the University of Auckland Clinics, is a teaching clinic for students in the Master of Speech Language Therapy programme and offers speech language therapy services for people who stutter.

What to expect

Upon referral to our clinic, a speech language therapist will contact you or a designated support person, to discuss the difficulties that you are experiencing due to a stutter.

If you decide to proceed, the clinic can offer two to three 45 minute sessions where students provide an assessment of your stutter and a speech language therapist will supervise the treatment plan from behind the clinic's observation mirror.

We record most sessions on video and client confidentiality is highly important to us. All records are stored in line with best practice protocols.



Selena Donaldson: Speech-language Therapist at the University of Auckland Clinics

Selena Donaldson is directly involved in the assessment and treatment of people referred to our Fluency Network for help with managing a stutter.

"The philosophy of our clinic is very much to help people live well with a stutter," says Selena.


Treatment may be provided in a group setting or on an individual basis; and the skills learned aim to provide techniques to self-manage fluency in daily life.

Afterwards we keep in touch to assist with your newly honed communication strategies - either in the clinic or via Skype.


Research and teaching

The Fluency Network collaborates with national and international experts to ensure the service delivery and treatment for individuals who stutter is professional and evidence based. 




Please feel free to contact us to discuss your own or a family member’s communication difficulties. We also welcome referrals from speech language therapists or other health professionals.

No service fees are charged for this service.