The University of Auckland Clinics

Listening and Language Clinic

This clinic caters for children with speech and language disorders and delays.

It has special expertise in pre-schoolers and children with speech language problems related to hearing impairments. Clients pay for services. Children are seen by a senior speech language therapy tutor who is also a certified auditory verbal therapist.

The therapist designs individual therapy programmes for each child and his or her family.

How long do appointments take?

Initial assessments consist of two appointments (of up to one hour per appointment) usually within a week of each other.

Follow-up appointments take up to one hour.

Children may attend follow-up appointments for anything between six weeks to two years.

The clinic runs between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Thursday throughout most of the year.

How much does it cost?


$345 including GST

Follow-up visits

$115 including GST

Prices apply from 1 February 2013.

Making an appointment

For information on making a referral to our clinic or to make an appointment, please go to contact us.