The University of Auckland Clinics


We’re here to help children and adults in our local community with a wide range of hearing problems.

Our hearing health professionals (audiologists) are right up to date with the latest hearing science, and they have the benefit of state-of-the art equipment. Our clinic is a world-leader in tinnitus research and treatment as well as a top training centre for New Zealand audiologists.

The Hearing and Tinnitus Clinic is a teaching clinic. Clients see two people: an audiologist and a student audiologist undergoing practical training.

Because a student helps the audiologist we can offer very competitively priced services.

All our clients can be assured of receiving the best possible care and attention. We invite you to learn more about our innovative services on this website.

Kind regards,
Dr Grant Searchfield
Head of Department, Audiology
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
The University of Auckland