The University of Auckland Clinics


Our friendly, down-to-earth staff are lead by highly qualified exercise physiologists. They know the smart ways to exercise. What’s more, they’ll show you how to get great results.


Our friendly, down to earth staff are highly qualified clinical exercise physiologists and have been improving the physical function and quality of life of those recovering from heart disease and other chronic illnesses for over 17 years.

The people we provide services to include:

  • People wanting to improve their physical function and quality of life
  • People wanting to learn how to exercise safely and effectively with a medical condition
  • People recovering from chronic illness or injury
  • People wanting to reduce the risk of developing cardiac disease and other chronic conditions

Find out more about us on this website or drop into the clinic to meet the team. We look forward too seeing you.

Greg Anson
Head of Department, Department of Exercise Sciences
Faculty of Science
The University of Auckland