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Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic

At the Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic our clinical exercise physiologists understand how to help someone exercise after they’ve had a heart attack or procedure, and will design a safe and effective programme your heart will love you for! They’ll share their knowledge so you have the skills and confidence to exercise independently again.

Who does the Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic help?

  • People who have had heart surgery (such as angioplasty, bypass or coronary artery bypass grafting and valvular surgery).
  • People with heart conditions who may have had problems such as heart attacks, strokes or arrhythmias.
  • People at risk of developing heart disease, including those who may need help with controlling blood pressure, weight, high cholesterol and emotional distress.

What happens at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic?

At your first visit, a clinical exercise physiologist will make a careful assessment of your exercise requirements. They will find out everything they need to know about your medical and exercise history as well as your goals for the future. They will get in touch with your cardiologist and other health professionals as needed to ensure you receive the most appropriate care. Only then will they design a safe, personalised cardiac exercise programme for you.

Your programme is individualised based on your medical and exercise histroy, as well as your goals. Typical exercise rehabilitation programmes for those with heart disease fouce on aerobic training, as this is how the heart (a muscle) is exercised. Resistance training may also be included, where appropriate.

Clinic sessions are held at the University of Auckland's Health and Performance Clinic.

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Your exercise activities will be closely monitored by a qualified clinical exercise physiologist. Because we’re a University teaching clinic, a student clinical exercise physiologist will often assist the staff memeber.


What services are available?

12-week Programme
The starting point for everybody joining the cardiac rehabilitation clinic. This programme is designed with your exercise history, medical history and programme goals in mind. We establish a safe and effective training programme using input from your cardiologist and other health professionals. At the end of the 12 week programme you will be fitter and have the confidence to exercise on your own.

Long-term maintenance programme
This programme is available to those who have completed the 12 week programme and want to continue their exercise in the clinic’s unique environment.

All programmes consist of blood pressure and heart rate monitoring that is communicated to your cardiologist and/or GP when required. We also use this information to ensure you are exercising at safe and effective exercise intensities with your goals and medical history in mind.

Session times
Monday - Friday from 6am - 11am. Monday - Thursday from 1pm - 5 pm.  Drop in at a time that suits you.

How much does it cost?

Please find attached our current prices and information about payment options.

CRC Price List 2016
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