Just think about what you have been missing

28 March 2013

Just think about what you’ve been missing…
Then let our friendly audiologists advise how you, and your family, can make the most of your hearing. For over ten years, The Hearing and Tinnitus Clinic has provided access toThe University of Auckland’s expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, offering independent advice and a wide range of hearing aids at competitive prices.

The clinic conducts hearing tests and provides advice on hearing aids for people of all ages and conditions, and is an internationally recognised centre for the management of tinnitus (the perception of disturbing sounds within
the ear).

We specialise in:

  • Hearing tests and hearing aids for children, adultsand seniors
  • Managing tinnitus and sensitivity to certain sounds
  • Hearing advice and education
  • Hearing protection for musicians and people exposed to loud sounds
  • Onsite hearing tests, including workplaces

We are conveniently located in purpose-built premises in Glen Innes, with free parking at the door.